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Our museums tell of Jamaica’s rich history and give insight into our life at earlier times. Jamaicans are hybrids – mixtures of many races. Visit some of our museums and learn more about us, look at our artifacts and masterpieces in art.

Kingston and St. Andrew has the largest collection in the island of historical sites and museums within a confined geographical area. Within a short distance and time one is able to visit several sites which cover the history of our national and cultural heroes, our roots as people and our natural history.

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The natural beauty of the Jamaican landscape is an experience to be shared. The hills and valleys form an artistic dream and aphotographer’s delight. The bio-diversity of this beautiful island provides many options for the nature lover.

From beaches to mountain tops each parish boosts something spectacular to offer. There are the well known travel spots and those which are off the beaten path. Our wide range of flora which boats many endemic species – found only in Jamaica – are a nature lovers delight.

From Kingston, day tours are available to St. Thomas, St. Catherine and Protland to enjoy the scenery as one climbs the hills. One can also engage in bird and butterfly watching.



Places of Worship


The Spaniards were the first Europeans who settled in Jamaica when in May 1494, Christopher Columbus arrived in Jamaica. It is reported that the first Roman Catholic Mass was celebrated here in that year.

The English captured Jamaica from the Spaniards and brought with them the Church of England. Later other religions from Europe and North America came to the island. Now, Jamaica has the reputation of having the largest number of churches per sq. mile.

All these denominations brought with them their rituals and styles, and so Jamaica now has a rich collection of old churches. Many of these churches, some built in as early as the 1600s, are still in use and have interesting stories of their struggles and triumphs over the years; while the original structures of others were destroyed or damaged by earthquakes and or hurricanes. These Churches have however rebuilt many of their structures and have records detailing their history.

Touring these Church buildings, viewing their architectural monuments as well as touring the cemetries attached to these churches gives an insite into Jamaica in its early years.

It is an interesting and inspiring experience.

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After touring the Univeristy of Technology/UWI historical/cultural & Sports venues, then travel into the blue mountains to tour a coffee plantation & Great House.

Enjoy a cup of the finest coffee and purchase some to take home with you. Enjoy the scenery of Kingston from the hills.


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